Why Certified Angus Beef?

When buying Certified Angus Beef you can be assured that your beef is the utmost of quality from Angus beef inspected animals and can be traced back to Bord Bia Quality assured farms.

The process for certifying Angus beef is thoroughly traceable and continuously assessed so that from producer to consumer, every process along the way is seamless. Here are some of the rules involved with certifying Angus beef through Angus Beef Ireland:

  • The producer’s farm must be Bord Bia Quality Assured 
  • All animals for slaughter must be sired by a pedigree Angus bull and have AA or AAX on their ID cards. They also have a visual assessment for Angus characteristics by trained personnel.
  • A proactive approach to traceability is taken in conjunction with the factories which includes regular DNA sampling in the lairage and of counter meat which can be traced back with regular audits and strict record keeping.

Angus breed

The Angus breed was established over 150 years ago by selecting cattle native to the counties Angus and Aberdeenshire in Scotland.  Angus cattle production is renowned for its low carbon footprint as the Angus breed thrive on a grass based sustainable farming system.

The breed was first imported to Ireland in 1843. Currently there are approximately 10,000 pure bred Angus calves and 400,000 Angus cross bred calves born on an annual basis. Here in Ireland, Angus cattle are used principally on dairy herds for calving ease and to a lesser degree on suckler herds.

Sustainable produce

Farming Angus beef cattle in Ireland is a sustainable way of producing beef cattle as Angus cattle are suited to grass based farming systems which produces a high quality product from a low carbon foot print.