Irish National Aberdeen-Angus Calf Show, Carrick on Shannon, 13th October 2018.

There was a great turn out stock for one of the last events of 2018 in the Irish Aberdeen Angus Association diary.  Show judge for the day was Mr. Noel Hooke of the Beech Hill Aberdeen-Angus Herd from Hillsborough, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. Speaking after the conclusion of the judging, Mr. Hooke commented that he ‘was blown away with the incredibly high standard of cattle presented for judging throughout the day’. He also added that he had chosen to award prizes only to stock that were reflective of the commercial realities of the Aberdeen-Angus breed. Finally, he commented that both champions were exceptional animals and were very worthy winners, especially in the face of such tough and high quality opposition.


Results of the classes hereunder:

Class Results:

Junior Stockperson (open to boys and girls aged 14 years and under)

1st: Avril Crowe, Mohill, Co. Leitrim

2nd: Zara Sheahan, Mohill, Co. Leitrim

3rd: Fiona Mulligan, Dromod, Co. Leitrim

4th: Paul Bohan, Mohill, Co. Leitrim

Senior Stockperson (open to boys and girls aged 14 – 18 years)

1st: Conor Craig, Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford

2nd: John Smyth, Oldcastle, Co. Meath

3rd: Stephen Crowe, Mohill, Co. Leitrim

4th: Jack Cronin, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon

Bull born between 01.09.2017 – 31.10.2017

1st: Thomas Mulligan’s Clooncarne Pellet by Beryl Jamey

2nd: John & Kate Tait’s Westellen Duke T826 by Bova Lord Bonanza N266

3rd: John Brady’s Lisnafanna Rich Doug T038 by Drumcrow Joker

4th: Cathal Duignan’s Laheens Prince Of Eslin by Rawburn Jagger Eric R094

5th: Albert & Jennifer DeCogan’s Mogeely Jerry T544 by Wedderlie Oscalade R250

Bull born between 01.11.2017 – 31.12.2017

1st: Michael Reynolds’ Bohey Paschal by Westellen Diego M734

2nd: Martin Garvey’s Liscolvin Porter by Steil Knockranny 248

3rd: Joe Kelly’s Glostermin Lord Harrison T021 by Friarstown Ideal Pete K202

4th: John McEnroe’s Liss Marol T742 by Liss Darl R561

Bull born between 01.01.2018 – 15.02.2018

1st: Anthony Scanlon’s Ownemore Relter by Bunlahy Kojak (Champion Bull Calf)

2nd: Michael & Barry Smith’s Lawsons Ford Evaluator U410 by Friarstown Evolver N274

3rd: Conor Craig & Amanda Bogan’s Millbawn Rocket by Ardrossan Admiral A2

4th: Adrian Parke’s Cloghogmill Eric U546 by Cloghogmill Prince Pete R255

5th: Cathal Duignan’s Laheens Reputation by Weeton Diamond Mine P444

(Champion Bull Calf)

Bull born between 16.02.2018– 31.03.2018

1st: Martin Garvey’s Liscolvin Rossie by Luddenmore Fionn G441 (Reserve Champion Bull Calf)

2nd: Tom Reynolds’ Knockadrinan Ronan by Drumgowna Norman

3rd: Matthew & Rita Goulding’s Goulding Role Model by Goulding Man O Man

4th: Martin Garvey’s Liscolvin Ros by Netherton Americano M703

5th: Michael & Barry Smith’s Lawsons Ford Real Macoy by Friarstown Evolver N274

(Reserve Champion Bull Calf)

Bull born after 01.04.2018

1st: Matthew & Rita Goulding’s Goulding Real Leather by Netherallan Peter Pershore E052

2nd: Mark Beirne’s The Grove Retriever by Rawburn Boss Hogg N630

3rd: John McEnroe’s Liss Michael U801 by Liss Darl R561

4th: Geraldine Shanley’s Aughnamona Rebel by HF Rebel 53Y

5th: Thomas Mulligan’s Clooncarne Ronan by Clooncarne Frank

Heifer born between 01.09.2017 – 31.10.2017

1st: John Mullooly’s Lavally Lady Jacqui T363 by Dillon Knight Eagle Challenger

2nd: Matthew & Rita Goulding’s Goulding P Tibbie 892 by Netherallan Peter Pershore E052

3rd: Bernard Kerins’ Kerins Perkemi by Bunlahy Kojak

4th: John & Kate Tait’s Westellen Flora T820 by Balmachie Rannai D005

5th: Thomas Mulligan’s Clooncarne Princess by Clooncarne Kyle

Heifer born between 01.11.2017 – 31.12.2017

1st: Conor Craig & Amanda Bogan’s Millbawn Aurora T238 by Netherton Mr Brazillan E377

2nd: Martin Garvey’s Liscolvin Peach by Bohey Jasper

Heifer born between 01.01.2018 – 15.02.2018

1st: Matthew & Rita Goulding’s Goulding Belinda U906 by Goulding Man O Man (Champion Heifer Calf)

2nd: Conor Craig & Amanda Bogan’s Millbawn Razzle Dazzle by Ardrossan Admiral A2

3rd: Adrian Parke’s Coolermoney Rose U773 by Netherton Figo C244

4th: Louis Byrne’s Tomriland Piella Bell U342 by Weeton Diamond Mine P444

5th: John Brady’s Lisnfanna Emily U040 by Balmachie Lord Jock R198

(Champion Heifer Calf)

Heifer born between 16.02.2018 – 31.03.2018

1st: Michael & Barry Smith’s Lawsons Ford Lady Helly U411 by Friarstown Evlover N274 (Reserve Champion Heifer Calf)

2nd: Matthew & Rita Goulding’s Goulding R Philippa 919 by Oakchurch Dirk N131

3rd: Tom Reynolds’ Knockadrinan Rita by Lisduff Dandy K895

4th: Mark Beirne’s The Grove Rona by Carrington Park Time On B7

5th: John & Kate Tait’s Westellen Myrlo U836 by Liss Darl R561

(Reserve Champion Heifer Calf)

Heifer born after 01.04.2018

1st: Tom Reynolds’ Knockadrinan Ruby by Drumgowna Norman

2nd: Thomas Mulligan’s Cloonarne Rita by Rawburn Boss Hogg N630

3rd: John McEnroe’s Liss Bilban U816 by Liss Marty P417

4th: Matthew & Rita Goulding’s Goulding Rebella Patriot by Retties JFK M195

5th: Pat & Finbarr Cahill’s Shankill Marisa U160 by Drumhill Lord Harry R635



Now that the wind has been blown out of our sails and we ploughed the lonely furrow home, it only remains for us all at Angus Beef Ireland to thank those who visited our stand at this year’s Ploughing Championships.

The weather and conditions looked promising;

The crowds arrived and stands looked well;

Then Ali rumbled in the jungle,  and not with a certified Angus steak sandwich!!!!

Results of Angus Beef Ireland charity competions.

Stock Judging winner; Patrick Murphy, Ballina, Co Mayo.

Macra na Feirme Carcass Judging winner; Eamonn Cassells, Athboy Macra na Feirme Branch, Co Meath.

Guess the carcass weight winner; Jason Mackarel, Ballybay, Co Monaghan.


Eartag No.



Weight (kg)







17 months






17 months






17 months

Angus Beef Ireland Producer Group members draw; follow link to producer group website . Click on login with your username and personal access code (PAC), these details were confirmed to all members by post. Winners will be listed and prizes will be posted to winning members.

A huge thank you to all our members who visited our stand at Ploughing2018.

Foyle Food Group, Carrigans, Donegal. Farm Open Day Friday 29th June 2018

The Foyle Food Group welcomed many of their Angus beef suppliers to an information day held in the wonderful weather last Friday, on their Carrigans farm. Under a clear blue sky and in bright sunshine farmers gathered with interest to listen to the key speakers:

Gareth Davies – Gareth Grassland Advisory Sevices.

Gary Fisher – Local Teagasc Advisor.

Joe Burke – Bord Bia, Livestaock Sector Manager.

Gareth And Gary reaffirmed the benefits of correct grassland management, enhancing soil fertility and reseeding where needed. Emphasis was placed upon the use of grazing paddocks in suckler/ beef systems, retaining records as to the number and quality of grazing’s from each field, maintaining soil fertility and the use of strong paddocks for silage depending on grass growth.

Joe gave an upbeat report on the outlook for Irish beef sales. He noted the demand for quality product such as certified Angus beef. A caution was noted, that farmers should understand that factories and therefore producers are being required to supply better quality carcasses to avail of the maximum return. Farmers should be encouraged to feed cattle to their full potential in terms of grade, weight and financial return.

Andrew Clarke of Foyle Foods thanked farmers, speakers for attending and welcomed everybody to Angus steak meal from the BBQ.




BEEF2018 @ Teagasc Grange.

The adoption of key technologies in relation to animal genetics, grassland management and herd health are the key to increasing the profitability of beef production in Ireland. This was the message from Director of Teagasc, Professor Gerry Boyle speaking at the BEEF2018 Open Day in Teagasc Grange, today, Tuesday 26th of June. Professor Boyle said: “The beef sector faces significant challenges arising from Brexit, reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and climate change. However, key technologies, which are under the farmer’s control, can help farmers face these challenges and can have a large influence on farm profit.”

In relation to suckler beef production, key performance indicators were highlighted. These include achieving 0.95 calves weaned per cow per year, age of first calving of 24 months, a 6-week calving rate of 80% and achieving an average daily weight gain of 1.25 kilograms to weaning, in combination with excellent grazing management.

A new dairy calf to beef herd has been set up in Grange. The key performance indicators for dairy calf to beef include; keeping mortality below 3%, and achieving a weight gain of 0.8 and 0.9 kg/day during first and second season at grass. Additionally, the provision of excellent quality silage for both first and second winter will have a large impact on reducing concentrate supplementation requirement.

The huge benefit of using AI in terms of increase profitability in the sucker herd was highlighted; which included much higher levels of genetic gain; large selection of high index, high reliability sires; all now being made possible with new developments in heat detection aids.

The huge potential from increasing grass production and utilisation was highlighted in the GRASS10 village. Current grass utilisation on beef farms nationally is 5 tonnes of Dry matter per hectare. This can be easily increased to 10 t DM/ha by improving grazing farm infrastructure; correcting soil fertility, applying best grazing management practices and reseeding poor performing paddocks.

Tullamore Show & FBD National Livestock Show, Sunday, August 12th, 2018

Angus Beef Ireland are delighted to again sponsor the National Angus Calf Champioships at Tullamore Show & FBD National Livestock Show.

Ireland’s Premier Show & Country Lifestyle Event

Save the date for the next Tullamore Show & FBD National Livestock Show, the second Sunday in August, that is Sunday, August 12th, 2018!

Tullamore Show & FBD National Livestock Show is Ireland’s premier agricultural event. Every year it attracts the best cattle, sheep, and equine breeders from all over the country, alongside entrants for its other 1,000 plus competitions with a total prize-fund of €175,000.

It is Ireland’s largest one-day show, averaging 60,000 visitors in recent years, with 700 Trade Stands.  

Tullamore Show Head Office, Church Street, Tullamore, County Offaly, Ireland.

Angus Beef Ireland sponsored classes listed hereunder:

Class 203: Angus heifer born on/between 01.09.2016 and 31.08.2017

Class 204: Angus Junior heifer born on/between 01.09.2017 and 31.12.2017

Class 205: Angus Heifer calf born on/after  01.01.2018

Class 206: FBD National Livestock Show Junior Angus Female Championship.

Class 207: Angus bull born between 01.09.2016 and 31.08.2017.

Class 208: Angus Junior bull born between 01.09.2017 and 31.12.2017.

Class 209: Angus Bull Calf born on/after 01.01.2018.

Class 210: FBD National Livestock Show Junior Angus Male Championship.

Class 211: FBD National Livestock Show  Junior Angus Championship.

2017 AIB National Livestock Show  Junior Angus Championship.

Champion: Class 203, No. 1: Conor Craig & Amanda Bogan’s Millbawn Nancy by Cudlobe Millenium

Reserve Champion: Class, 207 No. 1: John McEnroe’s Liss Darl R561 by Te Mania Berkley B1

John Blackburn (Judge), Derek Lovell (Judge),Conor Craig & Amanda Bogan’s Millbawn Nancy by Cudlobe Millenium (Champion), John McEnroe’s Liss Darl R561 by Te Mania Berkley B1 (Reserve Champion), Lee Wilson (Judge).



Beef 2018 Open Day. Teagasc, Grange, Co Meath. 26th June 2018

Teagasc are delighted to invite all beef farmers and stakeholders to BEEF2018, on Tuesday 26th June at the Teagasc, Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre, Grange Co. Meath.

The theme of this event is ‘€nhancing Knowledge’. The short term outlook for beef prices in 2018 is good; however in the medium term there will be significant challenges around Brexit, reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and climate change. The emphasis in BEEF2018 is on highlighting those technologies that will help underpin the future profitability of the beef sector.

Technologies related to grassland management, animal nutrition, beef genetics, reproductive management and animal health,
including farm planning and implementation that will be essential in increasing the competitiveness of the beef sector will be on display.

The focus of BEEF2018 will be on the application of technologies that will help beef farmers increase the profitability and sustainability of their farming family business.

BEEF2018 is your opportunity to see first-hand the results of the comprehensive research and innovation programme at Teagasc and to meet research, advisory and education staff.  We look forward to meeting with you on the 26th June.

Join our BEEF2018 Community on Facebook and be notified of all our preparations in the lead up to this day! We’ll be following our Beef team as they put together an informative and enjoyable day for all the family. We’ll also be running competitions where you’ll have the chance to win some exciting prizes so stay tuned at

Download the BEEF2018 Flyer here

€nhancing Technologies

Farm Infrastructure

  • Drainage systems & roadways
  • Soil fertility & reseeding
  • Fencing & water system

Suckler Calf to Beef

  • Systems of production
  • Beef output/ha
  • Maximising profit

Dairy Calf-to-Beef

  • Systems of production
  • Key profit drivers
  • Dairy beef crossbred cattle

High Animal Performance

  • Replacement & Terminal indexes/indices
  • Increasing compact calving & AI use
  • Importance of herd health

Grassland Management

  • Soil fertility
  • Grazing management
  • Role of white clover

Technology Villages


  • Grazing demonstration
  • PastureBase Ireland
  • Grazing practices to increase animal output/ha

BETTER Beef Programme

  • Farm planning & monitoring
  • Farmers experience of putting technology into practice
  • Newford & Derrypatrick suckler herd

Dairy Calf-to-Beef

  • New research programme at Grange
  • Choice of calf type
  • Teagasc Green Acres Calf-to-Beef Programme

Health & Reproduction 

  • Increasing AI usage on suckler herds
  • 2-year old calving
  • Parasite control and anthelmintic use

Feeding & Meat Quality

  • Producing high quality silage
  • Concentrate ration formulation
  • Factors affecting meat quality

Being both Competitive and Sustainable

  • Increasing nutrient efficiency & water quality
  • Enhancing biodiversity
  • Reducing carbon footprint


  • Pathways for a career in agriculture
  • Revised agricultural training options
  • Details of local education courses

Keeping yourself safe on the farm

  • Safety at work
  • Keeping children safe
  • Identification of hazards


Forum: ‘Sustainable Family Beef Farming Businesses’

This will be a panel discussion facilitated by Richard Curran from The Dragons Den & RTE Radio 1 ‘The Business’. The panel will include a number of successful beef farmers, as well as a representative from the beef industry. The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine, Mr. Michael Creed will also contribute to this discussion.

Live Demonstrations: Essential technologies to enhance technical efficiency
Live demonstrations will include the design and implementation of an ideal grazing infrastructure, animals of varying suckler €uro Star Indexes, calves of varying genotype from the new Dairy Calf-to-Beef programme and AI usage in suckler herds. There will be workshops on calf rearing, Anti-Microbial Resistance, 2-year old calving and health and safety. A number of national experts have
accepted invitations to participate in the workshops.

Research to adoption: Extension methods
A wide range of extension methodologies are employed by Teagasc to transfer research fi ndings to beef farmers. Use this opportunity to meet and discuss your ideas with Teagasc staff . Teagasc have a range of specialists in all the key technology areas. You will have the opportunity to discuss one-to-one solutions to your problems using the many decision support tools developed by Teagasc.

A Supply Chain Solution

Ireland is part of a large high-value EU market that returns a high price for beef and is consequently, in a strong position to avail of the growing EU of processors and Bord Bia, Irish beef has increased penetration in the main EU markets. Kevin Dundon arguably one of Ireland’s most recognized and respected chefs, will deliver a range of cooking demonstrations live using beef recipes.

Building a Competitive Beef Sector

The beef sector is among the most important Irish indigenous industries. There are over 100,000 farms contributing to beef production in Ireland, of which 68,000 farms are involved in specialist beef production.  Total beef production increased by 4.5% to 615,000 tonnes between 2016 and 2017. Beef exports in 2017 amounted to 20% of total agri-food exports, worth €2.5 billion, representing a 65% increase in export value compared to 2010.

Key industry experts from Bord Bia, Irish Cattle Breeding Federation, Animal Health Ireland, Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine, Irish Farmers Journal, Health & Safety Authority, University College Dublin and Meat Technology Ireland will be present on the day to discuss individual farmer queries.

There will be a live animal interactive stand on selecting tomorrows Suckler Cow with the Irish Farmers Journal/ICBF/Bord Bia.

This major Open Day will provide the roadmap to deliver new goals for the Irish Beef industry.

Teagasc acknowledges with gratitude the support of:

Contact Details:

For further information please contact:
Ms. Loreto Ferguson
Tel: 076 – 1112914

Gigginstown House Aberdeen-Angus Sale 28th April 2018.

The annual Gigginstown House Aberdeen-Angus herd production sale of pedigree Aberdeen-Angus bulls and heifers takes place at Fennor Farm, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath on Saturday, April 28th at 12 noon. Last year’s sale produced a total clearance across both bulls and heifers with an average price of just over €3300 recorded in the sales ring. The Gigginsotwn House Aberdeen-Angus herd was one of the stops at last summer’s World Angus Forum tour of Ireland and all visitors were mightily impressed with the standard of stock on display.

For more details about the upcoming sale, please contact Joe on 087 7809113 or Gerry on 087 2587715

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